Get Out (15) ****

Four stars

Dir: Jordan Peele

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With: Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams

Runtime: 104 minutes

IT is quite the thing for a director’s debut feature to make it to number three in the US box office charts behind such behemoths as Kong: Skull Island and Logan, but such was the achievement last weekend of Jordan Peele’s comedy horror. A smart, wickedly subversive and slyly witty take-down of white America’s attitudes towards African-Americans, Get Out is one of the most original calling cards for a writer-director in years. Daniel Kaluuya is plays the young photographer heading to the burbs for the weekend to meet his white girlfriend’s family. A tasty performance from Kaluuya, together with Catherine Keener and Bradley Whitford as the parents, but Peele is the star find here.

Personal Shopper (15) **

Dir: Olivier Assayas

With: Kristen Stewart, Nora von Waldstatten

Runtime: 105 minutes

KRISTEN Stewart plays Maureen, an American in Paris who is paid to traipse from designer boutique to exclusive jewellers in search of items for her fabulously rich client. Mo would love to skip town but keeping her in France are the twin pulls of coveting her boss’s clothes and holding good to a promise she made to her late twin brother that she would stick around for him to make contact. Olivier Assayas’s drama does not quite know what it wants to be - a thriller, a study in grief, or one long advert for luxury brands. It is miles more convincing as the latter.