HE was the Scots golden voice of the now defunct chart-hugging 90s indie pop combo Geneva.

Andrew Montgomery whose distinctive 'angelic' falsetto was a key feature of the Aberdeen band who had four chart hits and a stunning Top 20 debut album in Further.

After years of silence interspersed with an appearance on the Identity Parade of BBC's Never Mind the Buzzocks show, an eye-opening solo foray was revealed in his 2014 album Ruled By Dreams.

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And now Montgomery, originally from East Kilbride, is back in another guise having relocated to Stockholm in Sweden 18 months ago with his then girlfriend.

Now he has teamed up with Swedish synth maestro Leo Josefsson, who was worked with Rihanna and Robyn in the past as a technical director, in an eye-opening electro dream pop combo they call Us.

He describes it as "epic soundtrack-inspired synth pop" and the debut single Till The Dying Of The Light which sees the light of day on Friday, is a dramatic introduction to the new direction.

To celebrate they are playing their first ever gig which is being beamed live from Stockholm online.  You can watch it below.

"Hopefully it'll be a bit of an Archie Gemmill 'where were you when...?' moment rather than the aural equivalent of Don Masson missing a priceless penalty," he quipped.

"Sweden? I was seeing a Swedish girl for a good few years, and decided to move over. It lasted 18 months after I moved here, but I stayed, in part because I write for a content agency and it's a good job, in part because I love the city, and (of course) because of Us, which has got me going again and is a lot of fun. That's me over two years living here."

There is a plan to release an album either later this year or early next, and there's a wish to play in Scotland too.

"I'd say that Us keeps the epic feel and the preoccupations with matters oxytocin-related, but the music is synth-based, and tips heavily towards 80s-inspired film soundtracks. I love electronic music anyway, and feel pulled in that direction. I'm just glad I met Leo who can do all the orchestrating," he said."


And he has not ruled out the possibility, albeit seemingly unlikely in the short-term of a resurrection of Geneva whose hits included Tranquillizer, Into The Blue, No One Speaks and Best Regrets.

"Geneva? You never say never, but we're all in various places doing various things, so unless some mysterious forces coalesce, I can't see it in the short term, to be honest. Mind you, I don't know if the revival circuit has much charm?"

His partner has been a bit of a fixture on the Stockholm synth scene and frontman and main songwriter for a couple of Swedish synth bands, Lowe and Statemachine. He also directs videos, including the one for their sing.

"He's a good man, and we are on the same musical wavelength! I'm really excited about this project, actually," he said.