Cars 3 (U)

three stars

Dir: Brian Fee

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Voices: Owen Wilson, Armie Hammer

Runtime: 109 minutes

ANOTHER lap of the track for the successful Pixar/Disney franchise, this one having had its UK premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in June. This time around, Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson), long the bright young star of the circuit, finds himself being eclipsed by a new kid on the grid, Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer), leading McQueen to wonder if he still has what it takes to win in the new high tech racing game. It’s the usual stuff in praise of teamwork and good guys finishing first, but it’s crammed with crashes, bashes and familiar characters, and young petrol-heads will love it.

David Lynch: The Art Life (15)

three stars

Dir: Rick Barnes

Runtime: 86 minutes

FROM Eraserhead and Blue Velvet to Twin Peaks and beyond, David Lynch’s work for the screen has been the subject of adoration and sometimes condemnation, but what of his work on canvas, where his artistic life began? Rick Barnes’s documentary tries to fill in that blank, with Lynch himself taking on the role of guide to his early years. How did the youngster who says he came from a “super happy household” end up as a cinema prince of darkness? While one cannot promise a clear answer to that, Lynch has some good stories to tell, particularly one about seeing Dylan in concert.

Glasgow Film Theatre, July 14-20; Filmhouse, Edinburgh, July 31-August 3