THE Glasgow Print Studio's new show is entitled Masters, and will run from January 13 to February 18.

This exhibition includes a selection of original prints by seven highly regarded artists; Eileen Cooper, Alasdair Gray, John Houston, Bruce McLean, Janka Malkowska, Eduardo Paolozzi and Barbara Rae.

Each of these artists can be considered to be "masters" within the field of printmaking, the gallery says.

The show debuts a new work from Alasdair Gray titled "Omnium Gatherum."

It references Anthony Trollope's novel The Prime Minster which featured the Duke of Omnium who resided at Gatherum Hall and was also a play on that saying.

The Print Studio also has several works on display by Janka Malkowska (1912 - 1997).

BILL Kenwright’s production of The Sound of Music, launched its 2018 tour around the UK this week, with a stop at the King’s Theatre in Glasgow from January 22 to 27.

Maria is being played by Lucy O’Byrne.

Captain Von Trapp is former EastEnders actor and West End star Neil McDermott.

Ms O’Byrne was the runner up of BBC One’s The Voice in 2015.

Further casting includes Megan Llewellyn as Mother Abbess, Howard Samuels as Max, Jordan Oliver as Rolf and Katie Shearman as Liesl. The rest of the company comprises of Zoe Ann Bown, Lucy Miller, Tammy Davies, Chrissie Perkins, Holly Willock, Jon De Ville, Kara Lane, Pippa Winslow, Sam Newman, Andy Hawthorne, Joel Baylis and Lewis Barnshaw.

Produced by Kenwright, it is directed by Martin Connor, choreographed by Olivier Award winner Bill Deamer, with musical direction by David Steadman.

AN exhibition in Glasgow shows 21 large linen hangings telling the story of a Nicaraguan family through the Sandanista revolution and its collapse.

The images were created over 28 years by Irvine artist, author and art therapist Fiona Macintosh and were originally used to illustrate her 2016 book Rosa of the Wild Grass.

Ms Macintosh met her friend Rosa in the early 1980s when she went to live in Nicaragua as a young art school graduate.

In addition to the 3m hangings, which are on display in the Briggait’s main hall, in Glasgow, until 17 January, there are prints plus artworks by members of Project Ability, a Glasgow visual arts organisation working with people who have disabilities and mental health issues.

The Macintosh prints and Project Ability display can be seen in the side galleries until 26 January.

One of the artists core interests is the nature of communities and the support they provide in hard times.

She said: “It was through a sense of community that families like Rosa’s survived those decades of dictatorship.

"It’s often only at the most extreme times we realise that those we take for granted – mums, dads, our family and our community – are the ones we rely on the most.

"When I first met Rosa it finally felt that the future might be getting more secure, and some of the hangings reflect the tales of those more positive times."