L’Amant Double (18) **

Dir: François Ozon

With: Marine Vacth, Jérémie Renier

Runtime: 108 minutes

IF your experience of Francois Ozon is the comedy Potiche, prepare to be stirred by this psychological thriller with shades of David Cronenberg. Marine Vacth plays Chloe, a former model whose stomach pains have to date confounded doctors. Seeking answers, she turns to therapy and meets the kindly Paul (Jeremie Renier), only for more questions to open up. Ozon manages to keep the tale just this side of crazed but convincing in the film’s first half. Thereafter, he relies too much on the old standby of dream sequences and the drama tips into melodrama.

GFT, June 1-7; Filmhouse, Edinburgh, June 8-14

My Friend Dahmer (15) ****

Dir: Marc Meyers

With: Ross Lynch, Alex Wolff

Runtime: 105 minutes

ARE serial killers born or made, or a little of both? Marc Meyers’ biographical drama takes a saunter through the possibilities by focussing on Jeffrey Dahmer’s high school days. Dahmer, played here by Ross Lynch, was an outcast at school and unhappy at home. But in the final months before graduation a group of hip kids decided to adopt him as their freaky mascot. My Friend Dahmer is one of the group’s memories of that summer. Knowing how the story turned out inevitably drains the tale of tension, but there are some genuinely chilling moments.

GFT, June 1-7