Egg are performing Richard Pictures at Pleasance Courtyard (The Cellar)  during August.

Egg, Sketch duo Anna Leong Brophy (A) and Emily Lloyd-Saini (E) answer our questions.

  • What is your Fringe show about?

It's a sketch show about many things. But essentially we're two off-white women trying to make sense of the world we live in, by shoving cucumbers down our trousers. Some of our sketches are silly, some we like to think are clever.

  • How many times/many years have you appeared at the Fringe?

E: Seven years as part of BattleAct Improv comedy group, and this'll be our 2nd time as EGG, our sketch comedy double act.

A: Once Emily thought it'd be a good idea to do three different shows back to back for a month. She looked at me on day four and said 'this is how I go' before falling asleep on a bench.

E: I'm doing three shows this year too. But with more space in-between them.

A: Great. Just great.

  • What’s your most memorable moment from the Fringe?

An audience member got one of our punchlines tattooed onto their arm (after the gig- that's not what our show is!) He wasn't meant to be at our show but had just walked across the highlands with a friend and ended up at Southside central for a drink. We coerced him to our show and - he liked it! Maybe he'd become delirious in the highlands, maybe our show was brilliant. Maybe both.

  • What’s the worst thing about the Fringe?

People flyering at you while pretending to be a doll / a zombie / stuck in a tent.

  • If you were not a performer what would you be doing?

Anna would be calling up daytime talk-shows for a daily rant about the state of the world. Emily would have trained as a paramedic only to find out she faints every single time she see's blood.

  • How do you prepare for a performance?

At the fringe there’s not much time to prepare - you get in, set up and go. But we always try to have a hug and a jump around to get some nerves out.

Something we have in common: we usually both need the loo desperately the minute it's time for us to go on stage.

Getting to do a show we made and love, 26 days on the trot, at the world's most iconic theatre and comedy festival is incredible. (Though this is also an answer to Worst thing about being in Edinburgh) Last time a lot of our audience came to see all our shows (Emily's solo, both of us in BattleActs Improv and EGG) - time is so precious at the fringe, that it means a lot when people want to spend that much of it with you. You know everyone in front of you could have chosen from hundreds of other shows and so every performance we have to be at the top of our game.

  • What’s the most Scottish thing you’ve ever done?

Been absolute legends.

  • Favourite Scottish food/drink?

There’s a chip shop just off Victoria Bridge that does the BEST jacket potatoes. They give you 2 potatoes drowning in butter and it's the best. Once we asked for only one jacket potato and the woman looked really worried and said "I'd best give you the two. I don't want you to be hungry." And that's the kind of Scottish sentiment that we can get behind.

  • Sum up your show in three words

Silly. Clever. Cucumbers

Show summary

Anna and Emily are two off-white women ready to ask all the big questions that have nothing to do with fertility. That’s not why they’re called Egg. 

EGG are performing Richard Pictures at Pleasance Courtyard (The Cellar)  during August. For tickets, please visit

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