Lauren Pattison: Peachy is on at Pleasance Courtyard - The Attic, during August. 

  • What is your Fringe show about?

It loosely follows on from the last one, but it’s not really a sequel as such, it just looks at everything that’s happened in the last year. I think it’s definitely a more positive, fun and upbeat show and I’m already loving doing it.

  • How many times/many years have you appeared at the Fringe?

This is my second hour but it’s my sixth Fringe in a row. The first year I did a play, I was with some of *those* drama students on the mile and I used to be so embarrassed I’d go hide when I was meant to hand out flyers.

  • What’s your most memorable moment from the Fringe?

The year I saw Bo Burnham, which actually might have been my first venture to the fringe and my first BIG show I saw. I’d never been in the Grand in the Pleasance before and his whole show was just so spectacular, I was genuinely on the edge of my seat taking this absolute masterclass in. I’d never seen comedy like it and it blew my little mind. I remember leaving the venue absolutely buzzing and whole heartedly knowing this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life

  • What’s the worst thing about the Fringe?

The cost to be there. I love going and being part of it, I just wish I didn’t have to consider selling my kidneys to be there. I tend to panic around spring time and desperately sell as much stuff as I can bear to lose for a pittance on eBay. I mean last year, our three-bed flat for the month was nearly £1200 each and the door fell off the bathroom one day AND there was a rat in my wall. Bargain! Secondly, the royal mile. I avoid it at all costs and consider it a successful year if I go the month without finding myself in the middle of it barging through swarms of theatre troupes, street performers and tourists while dodging flyers to the face

  • If you were not a performer what would you be doing?

I’d be a waitress wondering what would have happened if I’d had the stones to go for it!! I used to think I wanted to be a drama teacher then I helped out in a school and lasted two weeks before realising I don’t like kids or teaching

Catching up with my mates for a month and seeing them do well. My favourite thing about last year was watching people I love and respect who’ve worked so hard getting the reviews and recognition they deserved.

  • Favourite Scottish food/drink?

I loooove macaroni pies so much. And getting salt and sauce on my chips. Also a big fan of haggis cause I once mistakenly ate it on a Christmas dinner at Uni thinking it was stuffing. I was appalled when I found out then realised it was too delicious for me to care

  • Sum up your show in three words

Just Bloody Funny.

Show summary

Following a whirlwind year of awards, nominations and sold-out shows on top of a run at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Best Newcomer nominee 2017 Lauren Pattison is back in Edinburgh.

Lauren Pattison: Peachy is on at Pleasance Courtyard - The Attic, during August. For tickets, please visit

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