Doctor Who

BBC One: 6:45pm

Reviewed by Gemma E McLaughlin, age 13

I always felt left out and sometimes guilty by the shocking fact that I don’t normally watch Doctor Who. I of course caught a few episodes as a child with my family but I have never known what it’s like to watch through a whole season, and to find my favourite Doctor. Given my previous history- or lack there of- with the Whovian community I was excited at the opportunity to find out if the amazing Jodie Whittaker could peak my interest and become my Doctor.

I was interested and confused at first by the commotion around the next doctor being a woman, it may be different but there is no reason that the doctor shouldn’t be a woman, isn’t it about time? All jokes aside I was pleased and intrigued by the feminist side of the matter and that my first doctor would be a woman. I went in with a lot of hope for this new season and was not disappointed.

There were some moments of confusion throughout the episode where it lost my attention and the ever moving plot didn’t appear to be sorting them out. These moments of uncertainty were resolved in a few neat twists and a snappy and emotional speech from the doctor herself. The ending of this week’s episode was not one I expected to be difficult to watch but I found myself biting back tears through all the bittersweet plot twists.

Overall upon watching “The woman that fell to earth” I found myself connected to a love of doctor who I have been hoping to find my whole life. I adored the plot and was on the edge of my seat a number of times. I believe Jodie Whittaker was the perfect choice and am already excited for the next episode, and if the whovian community don’t agree with me, well at least the Beeb saved some money… ;)