The Lovely Eggs

This is Eggland

The Lovely Eggs

LANCASTER-BASED husband-and-wife duo The Lovely Eggs are on cracking form for their fifth album, employing renowned Flaming Lips and Mogwai producer Dave Fridmann to add substance to their endearingly ramshackle sound.

The lurid cover art by underground artist Casey Raymond offers a clue to the brash content within, all fat, punk guitar-riffs, trilling keyboards and brain-scrambling slogans - a sort of unholy mix of the Fall and children's band The Wiggles. The lyrics, when not nonsensical (Wiggy Giggy), are frequently hilarious but unprintable (a fact acknowledged in I Shouldn't Have Said That).

With so much modern music being as bland as a deflated souffle, The Lovely Eggs's in-your-face antics are liable to leave first-time listeners feeling shell-shocked, but this is a great album(en). Bold, daft, and impossible to egg-nore.

James Robinson