Three of the Best . . .

RABBIE Burns: The man’s still a man after 250 years despite Liz Lochheads attempts to dump him in the garbage bin marked ‘Weinsteins’.

BLUE Planet 2: It’s the National TV Awards winner. Who among us can now go into Tesco and put a panini in the (unnecessary, why don’t they use tissue paper?) little plastic bag wrap without thinking about some poor Pelican choking somewhere in the Antarctic.

PRINCESS Beatrice: Has performed wonderfully in becoming engaged this week to the dimwit posh boy, effectively taking two privileged dimwits out of the dating mix.

And the Worst . . .

THE NATIONAL TELEVISION AWARDS JUDGES. For awarding Suranne Jones, who has never knowingly under-acted, the top drama award (again) for the entirely unbelievable piece of nonsense that is Dr Foster.

ROD Stewart: When asked about the tragic death of Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan Rodders the rock star whined; “I’m not feeling too good myself,” he whined. His Amazonian wife then gave him a slap.

RUTH Davidson: The politicians delivered a speech at a Burns Supper in Glasgow and got a “rousing cheer” when she said “Ladies, if you want to light up a man’s eyes shine a torch in his ears.” Now, it’s a funny line. But if a man had delivered that same line it would be the subject of discussion on Kaye Adams’ BBC phone-in.