LOGANAIR has declared it has put itself in “very big shop window” as it was unveiled as a founding partner in easyJet’s new global airline connections service.

Jonathan Hinkles, managing director of the Glasgow-based airline, likened being invited to join Worldwide by easyJet to a regional supplier securing shelf space with a major supermarket.

It means Loganair can look forward to its flights being sold on the first digital service of its kind to be run by a low-cost airline, which runs the tenth largest airline website in the world. The digital hub will see easyJet sell stand-alone tickets for partners Loganair, Norwegian and Canadian airline WestJet, and allow customers of all participants to connect seamlessly with flights run by partner airlines.

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The development is a major boost for Loganair following the end of its franchise agreement with Flybe, which paved the way for its relaunch as an independent airline on September 1.

Since then the company has invested £3.5 million to “tartanise” its aircrafts, branding and establish its own booking systems.

Mr Hinkles said it has been an expensive process but pointed to a strong response from travellers, with bookings on certain times in September exceeding those on the same days last year. He noted the savings made on franchise fees to Flybe, allied to the growth it was now seeing, means the “payback on the investment is pretty quick”, adding that the airline would not have been able to take part in the easyJet hub had it remained the Flybe partner.

“It gives us tremendous exposure for our product,” Mr Hinkles said, noting that Loganair continues to operate the same 40-route network that it flew under Flybe.