BLOGGERS play a big role in the marketing activities of fast fashion brands like Quiz

A millennial phenomenon, bloggers – who publish written and video articles online – can pick up tens, or even hundreds of thousands of followers, and subsequently become highly influential within their peer group. It therefore pays for brands to have these bloggers writing about their products.

Before Christmas Quiz sent a team of bloggers on a trip to New York.

“We’ve got a social team purely focused on influencer blogger outreach,” says chief executive Tarak Ramzan.

“That team invited five UK bloggers, we’re hosting them out there for four or five days, we’ll take them out to see the Lord & Taylor pop-up and we’ll be doing trips and events, the whole event they are wearing and promoting Quiz, pushing it out on Snapchat and Instagram to their followers. It’s a way to get people excited about the brand while pushing our products.

“When I was young every kid kept a low profile. It’s no longer like that. It’s all these Millennials posting videos of themselves and selfies and saying ‘wow look at me, I’m this and that’.”