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6 The business desk
A round-up of the key events of the quarter from The Herald’s Business team

11 Ian McConnell
There is optimism in some manufacturing figures but realism is needed

14 Liquid gold
How the Scotch whisky industry is staying in the premier league

18 Cask capers
The lighter side of whisky is drawing new crowds to festivals, tours and tastings

21 Data: New legislation
Business HQ’s Quarterly Review looks in-depth at new laws to be in place next year

26 Data: Storage crisis
The quantity of data is sky-rocketing ... it pays to know where to store it

28 Data: Security
The concluding part of the Quarterly Review looks at ways to secure vital information

32 Cover: Fred MacAulay
How the Scottish stand-up figured out that accountancy wasn’t for him

38 Different tune
The rules of the music industry are shifting rapidly as recording sales plummet

41 Herald Entrepreneur
Sixteen pages of advice, support and inspiring stories to help the next generation

42 Highway to hydrogen
The Orkneys are taking the first steps towards being a hydrogen economy

48 Let’s trade with Germany

It is Europe’s most successful economy ... find out how to make the most of it

50 Commercial property

Why the Build to Rent sector is slower than it should be in Scotland

56 Moving image

Marie Owen is finding Scotland has untapped potential behind the lens

60 The Big Idea

Is it time to cap executive pay at a level that doesn’t eclipse other earners in the firm?

64 Technology
How Adimo is changing online purchases

66 The Makers

Don Smith on the challenge of inventing

68 Events

The big diary dates, plus Me and My Boss

70 Travel: Dublin
A guide to the best business haunts

74 Sport: Franchises
Nathan Bombrys on ambitions for Glasgow Warriors and tie-ins with business
80 Fashion: Be well-red at work this autumn


Also inside … The third in our series of 16-page special pull-outs celebrating the creativity and innovation of Scotland’s entrepreneurs, highlighting their brightest talents and achievements and addressing the key issues and challenges they face in today’s tough economic climate.