Introduction by Donald Martin, Editor in Chief of The Herald

MUCH of the modern world has been brought to us courtesy of inventive Scots who powered their way through adversities and found new and innovative ways to improve the quality of their lives – and to make money in the process.

That great Scottish ingenuity continues today, driving Scotland’s economy forward. But it is not happening at a rate of which we can be overly proud – annual GDP growth sits just below that of the UK as a whole.

For Scotland to continue to thrive, it is vital that we identify and nurture talented entrepreneurs at all ages and stages.

For the past 12 months, The Herald Entrepreneur campaign has been showcasing some of our most talented innovators. Each week the paper’s business pages have recognised their efforts in order to support them and to inspire others with their successes.

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At the same time, the quarterly Business HQ magazine has provided practical support and guidance with the help of our valued partners – Glasgow Clyde College, the law firm Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie and Storage Vault Work Space.

The outstanding innovators of the future may be young people with game-changing ideas, or people with a wealth of experience keen to break out on their own. They may be at the helm of an established businesses, frustrated by a lack of funding for expansion – Jim McColl, the chief executive of Clyde Blowers Capital, recently voiced his frustrations over funding and urged action on a Scottish National Investment Bank.

Wherever they are, we need to identify them, listen to them, support them and do all we can to ensure they thrive. And that is the aim of the Entrepreneur campaign as it moves into its second year.

This commemorative supplement brings you some of the highlights of the last year as we look forward to the next 12 months.

Pages 4&5

The women behind lux share a taste for change

Page 6&7

How gaming went mainstream

Page 8

Stephen Smyth and the rewards of going it alone

Page 9
WJM’s guide to the early stages of business

page 10&11
Tales of innovation in solar energy and whisky

Page 12&13

Social enterprise, cash flow and storage vault

Page 14&15

Jim McColl explains why doing things differently can make all the difference

Page 16

Brothers-in-law combine skills for a common goal

Page 17

Pioneers & designs on growth

Page 18

an infusion of ambition

Page 19

Glasgow Clyde College opens new doors to employment

Page 20&21

A festival of creativity, mindfulness and getting behind the password problem

Page 22

A healthy outlook to business with personal fitness

Page 23

Why entrepreneurship is at the heart of Glasgow’s agenda

Read the commemorative supplement in full