C&D Auction Marts Ltd sold 50 store organic heifers in Dumfries on Monday to average 232.3p per kg and 57 store organic bullocks to level at 249.2p. There were also 232 conventional store heifers that averaged 196.1p (-10.6p on the fortnight) and 265 conventional store bullocks that levelled at 207.4p (-1.8p). Sixty-two store B&W bullocks averaged 132.8p (-3.2p) and 14 store bulls levelled at 231.8p (-4.3p).

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 11 prime heifers at Ayr yesterday to a top of 227p and an average of 219.6p while a prime Simmental cross bullock was bid to 190p and a prime Ayrshire bullock fetched 135p.

In the rough ring 140 beef cows averaged 118.7p and 161 dairy cows levelled at 92.6p.

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The firm also held its monthly sale of beef-breeding cattle when there were 91 head forward. Top prices and averages: Heifers with calves-at-foot to £2100 and averaged £1568.21 for 28; Cows and calves £1400 and £1071.10 for 27; Bulling heifers £1080 and £992.60 for 23; Six in-calf cows averaged £755 and 7 bulls levelled at £1785.

A small show of 7 dairy cattle sold to £1880 on two occasions for Holstein Friesian heifers.