United Auctions held their annual sale of pedigree bulls at Stirling on Monday when 101 Aberdeen Angus sold to a top of 15,000 guineas and averaged £5746 (+£11 on the year for a 72 per cent clearance), while 59 Beef Shorthorns peaked at 20,000gns and levelled at £5803 (-£111 for a 75 per cent clearance).

Sixty-two Limousins sold to 13,000gns and averaged £5814 (+£712 for an 81 per cent clearance), while three Herefords peaked at 5,600gns and levelled at £4325. Three Lincoln Reds sold to 7,000gns and averaged £5425.

Lawrie & Symington Ltd sold 178 heavy cast ewes in Lanark on Monday to a top of £155 for a Texel and an average of £70.99, while 710 light/export-type ewes peaked at £74.50 for a Cheviot and levelled at £47.32.

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 9 prime heifers at Ayr yesterday to a top of 245p per kg and an average of 229.6p, while a prime bullocks fetched 214p.

In the rough ring 61 beef cows averaged 125.2p and 100 dairy cows levelled at 106.8p.

The firm also had 110 beef-breeding cattle at its monthly sale. Top prices and averages were as follows: Cows with calf-at-foot to £1550 and averaged £1320 for 6; a heifer with calf at foot £1100; 32 in-calf cows £1400 and £1020.63 for 32; in-calf heifers £1580 (X4) and £1349.35 for 31; bulling heifers £1240 and £1045.95 for 37; bulls 1800gns and £1522.50 for 3.

There were also 16 dairy cattle that sold to £1700 for a Holstein Friesian heifer and averaged £1269.

Wallets Marts sold 1194 prime hoggs in Castle Douglas yesterday to a top of £118 per head or 300.3p per kg to average £79.61 and 203.3p (+6.6p on the week).

There were also 106 heavy ewes that topped at £95 for a Leicester and averaged £67.69, while 149 light ewes peaked at £63 for Blackfaces and levelled at £49.30.