28 Gibson Street


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What is it: For over two decades their ethos has been "Think Global, Eat Local" and they have not strayed from this when introducing the folks of Glasgow to a new and exciting way to enjoy food and drink. This place is always buzzing and with the addition of a bar area in what was a hairdressers several years ago, took the bar and restaurant to a new level. Over the years it has won several awards for its food and design and shows no signs of slowing down or resting on its laurels.

Interesting fact: The name comes from the old Scots term “Stravaig”. It derives from 18th-century Scots “extravage”, which means to "wander about; digress, ramble in speech", which itself derives from the Medieval Latin “extravagari” "wander, stray beyond limits". Stravaig, in various forms, is found in a wide range of Scottish texts from the late 18th century onwards.

Verdict: This is a great place to bring friends and colleagues from abroad that want to get a modern Scottish experience. Over the last 23 years they have created a modern Scottish local. I like to bring folks here for drinks and some dinner before going somewhere more traditional like the Pot Still or the Ben Nevis.

Drink: They have a solid section of everything here, with a great array of wine, spirits, cocktails and craft beer on offer.

Food: The best thing about Stravagin is the ever-evolving menu. You will always find the classics like the beer-battered fish and chips, haggis, neeps ’n’ tatties and nasi goreng (my personal go to dish) but they always have cuisine-themed nights and new additions and refinements to the menu to keep you interested. One thing is for certain is that every dish packed with flavour.

Prices: It is more expensive than most of the other venues around the west end but you definitely get what you pay for here and, based on how busy the place is all the time, it certainly doesn't keep the paying customers out.

Children: Kid friendly here and the menus are a great way to get the wee ones into trying different food rather than just chicken nuggets and chips.

Alfresco: They have made the most of the limited outdoor space because of the large windows which open up in the bar area and some neat tables and chairs out front which are never empty during the summer months due to its south-facing location. Gibson Street in Glasgow is one of the best locations there is for people watching due to the diversity of the people that live in the area.

Perfect for: I enjoy meeting with friends here after work and seeing where the night goes while enjoying some quality food and drink.

Avoid if: This actually quite a hard one as this place has most bases covered when it comes to a night out. Possibly you would not be into this place if you are looking for a cheap and cheerful evening in town.

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