Laprig Valley Bramley Cheesecake with a fudge base and butterscotch ice cream by Kevin Sutherland of The Balmoral in Edinburgh

Situated in the heart of the Scottish Borders, Laprig Valley is a small artisan apple juice producer run by Lorna and Jackie Fleming. Autumn’s first ripe apples signify the beginning of the pressing season when they make small batches of great tasting, honest and natural apple juice using only UK apples.

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Ingredients: Serves 10


260g House of Shortbread shortbread biscuits (crushed)

40g Ross’s Butter Fudge (broken into small pieces)

40g Butter, melted

Cheese cake mix:

400g cream cheese

120g caster sugar

230ml double cream (beaten to soft peaks)

200g apple puree

20ml Laprig Valley Bramley apple juice

10g gelatine leaves

1 vanilla pod (just the seeds)

Laprig Valley Bramley Jelly:

620ml Laprig Valley Bramley apple juice

60g caster sugar

15g gelatine leaves

10g Apple, cut into 6cm by 3mm batons


Large scoop Over Langshaw Butterscotch ice cream


1.  Pre-soak the gelatine leaves for the base in 60ml ice cold water, until soft. Then drain and set aside.

2.  To make the base, place all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix with a wooden spoon until completely combined.

3.  Line a 8cm cake ring with baking paper, spoon the shortbread mix into the base of the ring and press down until completely flat.

4.  To make the cheese cake mix, whisk the cream cheese, sugar and apple puree together in a bowl.  Heat the apple juice in a small pot, whisk in the soaked gelatine, set aside to cool. Once the apple juice is cooled completely beat into the cheese mix, fold in double cream and vanilla seeds. Spoon the mixture evenly over the shortbread base. Level the top.

5.  Pre-soak the gelatine leaves for the jelly in 90ml ice cold water, until soft; then drain.

6.  To make the brambly jelly, warm 320ml of the apple juice with the sugar and pre-soaked gelatine. Remove from the heat and add the remaining 300ml of cold juice. Pour onto the top of the cheesecake mix. Place in the fridge to set (roughly 2 hrs).

7.  To serve, remove the cheesecake from the ring, place some of the apple batons on the top of each cheesecake and a scoop of ice cream on the side.

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