What is it?

A feature-packed LED lantern that runs on rechargeable batteries.

Good points?

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The 300-lumen multi-directional LED can illuminate an area of up to eight metres which is welcome when stumbling over uneven ground in poorly lit campsites.

It is one thing having a torch to hand during a power outage, but even the most diligent doomsday prepper can be at the mercy of drained batteries.

Coleman's nifty battery lock system allows the power circuit to be disengaged when not in use. This helps preserve battery life and reduces corrosion.

With four lighting modes – low, medium, high and a flashing beacon – the Twist+ has most scenarios covered, whether you're stranded on a mountain or setting a romantic ambience for a date.

The device can also be used to charge gadgets such as mobile phones, GPS and cameras via a micro USB cable. It is sturdy with a shatterproof, polycarbonate lens and operates using a lithium ion rechargeable battery with 75 hours runtime.

Bad points?

Switching between lighting modes requires a firm two-handed motion which can feel a tad cumbersome. Also, the handle would be more comfortable if the underside was curved and had slightly thicker padding.

Best for ...

Those looking for a robust and reliable light source during power cuts or camping trips.

Avoid if ...

You would rather play Russian roulette with the dodgy batteries that have been in your torch for the last five summers.

Score: 8/10.

Coleman Twist+ 300 Rechargeable LED lantern, £70 (coleman.eu)