What is it?

Cable-free headphones with the emphasis on bass and a relatively low price-tag.

Good points?

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The oversized foam ear pads offer lashings of comfort and can be adjusted to suit the size and shape of your head. The pad dimensions give an even profile which should fit most users.

The ability to control the amount of bass is the product's main feature and doesn't disappoint. You can adjust the sound slider to cater for individual tastes, which adds an extra dimension to an otherwise humdrum section of the audio market.

The Crusher Wireless also comes with a 3.5mm sound jack and cable so you can still enjoy your tunes even after the battery has died on longer trips or if you forget to recharge.

Bad points?

The head unit and ear pads can feel bulky to wear with the weight more noticeable than others on the market.

Although the sound output quality is adequate, it lacks the punch and detail of more high-end devices. Forgetting to set the bass slider properly can result in Mozart sounding like a bad house band.

Best for ...

Those seeking an all-round, solid pair of wireless headphones without the need to succumb to inflated prices. The option of more hands-on control could appeal to those who like to tinker and experiment.

Avoid if ...

You place less importance on bass and sound customisation than overall sound quality. Spending a bit more can go a long way to finding musical bliss.

Score: 8/10.

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones, £139.99 (skullcandy.co.uk)