What is it?

A smartwatch packed with nifty features. Samsung is trying to redefine how smart portable gadgets are used and their latest product – the Gear S3 – is on course to surpass many of the current market devices. It can be used for everything from answering calls and reading text messages to getting the latest weather forecast straight to your wrist.

Good Points?

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Previous incarnations of smartwatches were eager to preserve battery and would annoyingly switch to a standby mode requiring a sharp tap to awaken. Coupled with tiny digital numbers that often necessitated squinting to read, the user experience was far from seamless.

In contrast, the Samsung Gear S3 provides an always-on display which is perfect for subtle glances during mundane meetings. The face is large but not overwhelming, while the OLED display is strikingly crisp and clear with a quality timepiece look and feel.

A built-in heart rate monitor combined with a plethora of tracking metrics make this an ideal choice when it comes to health and wellbeing. I've never been a watch wearer but the Gear S3 could yet make a convert of me.

Bad points?

The lack of developed applications is a drawback and limitation of the device. Hopefully more developers will recognise the potential and create a fully-fledged app market.

Best for ...

Those who want to consolidate most of their mobile needs in one convenient gadget. The comprehensive activity tracking metrics should appeal to the fitness-orientated.

Avoid if ...

Your interests begin and end with timekeeping or answering a few telephone calls.

Score: 8/10.

Samsung Gear S3, £349 (samsung.com)