10 Best Escape Rooms

1. Escape - New York: Escape the Room bases its games on a series of fun and family oriented challenges, making it an ideal program for small groups, friends and co-workers. With only a 20% success rate of escape from the rooms however, it surely proves to be one of the most challenging.

2. London’s Room 33 – London: One of the most popular escape games in London, Room 33 allows participants to embark on a journey to 17th century China. As guards of the Chinese emperor Kang Xi, your group’s goal is to discover a mythical vase through adventures through time and the use of your group’s intelligence and cunning.

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3. Mystery Room – Toronto: The definite escape room in Toronto. With several thematic rooms in, this escape room caters for all. There are escape games to choose from a concise difficulty list, making the escape games accessible for beginners and groups looking for something a bit more challenging.

4. E- Exit Escape Game – Budapest: Boasts a Heaven and Hell room where you die first and are sent to the pits of hell then have an hour with the help of defibrillator to work your way to make it to the gates of heaven where you may be brought back to life.

5. Mr. X Escape Room Game and Puzzle House – China: This attraction is one of a kind. It is an activity for groups in a puzzle house which in its general idea resembles the activities you see on Fort Boyard.

6. Escape Hour – Edinburgh: Rooms challenge participants to steal secrets from a soviet spies as your time runs out. Also your group gets the opportunity to take part in a diamond heist and conjure up a plot to steal expensive jewels.

7. Room Escape Live - Los Angeles: Room Escape Live is unique as it lets participants race against the clock to save the world in a War Bunker, play the villain in a bank heist or prison break. It also includes Tesla’s mystery which gives you 60 minutes to find a murdered inventors last creation before the FBI turn up to claim it for themselves.

8. Trapology – Boston: With suspenseful storylines, challenging puzzles and immersive sets Trapology is a must visit escape room. It offering participants a range of analytical brain-teasers and physical puzzles in the 60-minute you are given to escape. Trapology currently offers two rooms, Drunk Tank and The Hustler, with another in the works.

9. Escape Rooms ScotlandGlasgow: Includes a Zombie Quarantine room where you are taken in blindfolded then left unassisted to find your escape with limited clues to assist you.

10. The Basement in Los Angeles – In this horror themed escape room you are kidnapped by a cannibalistic serial killer and placed into the option of three rooms; the basement, the boiler room, or the study. Your group needs to use communication skills, organisational prowess and work under pressure to escape the evil clutches of your captor.