THE clear-up after the Second World War took many years and here is a group of children helping to move rubble in Glasgow in 1949. The bomb site was being cleared in preparation for a garden.

The Clydebank Blitz is obviously the most famous attack on Scotland during the war but, less famously, Glasgow was also hit on March 13 and 14, 1941. There were at least 11 attacks, hitting everywhere from Tradeston to Scotstoun and Partick to Linthouse. In one attack on Tradeston on March 14, a mine landed between a tram and a tenement on Nelson Street, killing 110 people, 11 of them in the vehicle, while in another on Yarrow’s shipyard the same night 67 were killed.

In Scotstoun, a mine blew up near shelters between Earl Street and Dumbarton Road, killing 66 people; in Partick, bombs fell on Peel Street, Hayburn Street and Crow Road, killing 50; and in Hyndland, a parachute mine hit Dudley Drive, destroying three tenements and killing 36 people.

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Other parts of Scotland were also badly hit during the war. Peterhead in Aberdeenshire, for example, was bombed 28 times and its neighbouring town Fraserburgh 23 times. Aberdeen and Edinburgh were also hit multiple times as were Montrose and Greenock. In all, the Germans attacked Scotland from the air more than 500 times.