Swedish Cinnamon Buns by Joseph Pearce’s in Edinburgh
Kanelbullar is what we call them in Sweden.

Yesterday was Kanelbullar day and we celebrated it in Hemma, Akva and Joseph Pearce’s with fresh lovely cinnamon buns. Here is a great recipe so you can make them all year round!

Ingredients: Makes 36 buns
50g fresh yeast
500ml whole milk, lukewarm
150g very soft butter 
200ml caster sugar
1 kg -1.5 kg plain bread flour (depending on the flour)  
½ tsp salt
2 tsp ground cardamom
½ egg
150g butter (soft, spreadable)
4-5 tsp ground cinnamon
120g sugar
½ egg for brushing
100g of pearl sugar for decoration 

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1 Heat the milk to 37˚C and add into a bowl with the yeast, stir until dissolved. Add the butter, sugar, salt, cardamom, egg and enough flour to make the dough combine. You’ll need about 700g-800g of flour – but add a little at the time, keeping the mixer on continuously (using the dough hook). Keep the rest of the flour back for kneading. Work the dough until it almost stops sticking and has a shiny surface – about 6-7 minutes with a mixer, longer by hand (add more flour if you need to). The dough should only just reach the point of not being sticky.
2 Leave to rise until it’s doubled in size (30-40 mins). Work through with more flour until dough stops sticking and 
can be shaped, then cut the dough in half and roll out the first piece in a rectangular shape (around 45cm x 35cm). Spread a generous amount 
of butter evenly, then dust 
over the cinnamon and sugar. Roll the piece lengthways so you end up with a long, tight thin roll.
3 Cut the roll into 18 pieces and place each swirl on a lined tray. Leave to rise for 20 minutes. Repeat with second half. 
4 Turn the oven to 220˚C.
5 Brush all buns gently with the remaining egg and sprinkle some pearl sugar on each bun. Bake for about 8-10 minutes. As this dough contains sugar, the buns can go dark brown in a split second so keep an eye on them.
6 Once out of the oven, cool down under a damp, clean tea towel to stop them going dry. If you prefer a stickier surface, brush with a light sugar syrup as soon as they are baked.

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