What is it?

A premium one-piece desktop computer. Desktop computers have been on the back foot for some time now with the increasing popularity of tablet-based systems such as Microsoft's surface.

While the latter provide huge benefits in portability many are still lacking in stability, durability and often power compared to a traditional desktop set-up.

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To counter these issues Microsoft has developed the Surface Studio desktop which is designed to crush creative processing obstacles while keeping the finesse of its tablet counterpart.

Good Points?

The design and functionality of the device is impeccable and feels like a new experience which comes from innovation.

The guts of the computer are housed in the base of the unit unlike the iMac, for example, which has these located behind the screen where they are prone to overheating.

The 28-inch PixelSense display can be tilted to almost any angle which combined with the pen is a dream for those working on graphical designs.

This is also aided by the powerful i5 Intel Core processor, 8GB RAM and in-built NVIDIA GeForce graphics unit.

Resting your palm on the screen while drawing was a big issue with previous products, but Microsoft has created a foolproof system to negate multi-touch errors and provide a seamless user-friendly experience.

Bad points?

As with most premium products the price will scare off all but hardcore designers and bigger companies.

Best for ...

Those serious about tackling graphic-laden tasks, but who are happy to compromise with its static physical position.

Avoid if ...

Your main computing needs reside with anything other than high level multimedia creation.

Score: 10/10.

Microsoft Surface Studio, £2,999 (microsoft.com)