What is it?

A power output measuring device to accurately determine cycling performance.

Avid cyclists will know the benefits of power meters, such as removing variables that can affect your ability to gain proper insights into your cycling aptitude.

Tracking this simply via timed segments does not take factors such as wind drag into account and you can end up with false information.

Power meters eliminate guesswork by telling you exactly how hard you are working regardless of the terrain or conditions you cycle in.

Knowing exactly how many watts you can produce and hold for an hour is the de facto method for calculating and improving cycling prowess.

The Stages Cycling second generation meter provides accurate wattage at a comparatively low cost.

Good Points?

Unlike some other power meters, the left crank arm is simple to install and calibrate which means you can move it easily between bikes and negates the need to make multiple purchases.

The device provides connectivity via ANT+ and Bluetooth as many cycle computers accept only one method. This also opens up other options such as mounting your bike to a turbo trainer and connecting to online training simulators like Zwift and OneLap.

Bad points?

The single sided operation provides half the measurement which is then doubled for the full calculation. This approach is generally accurate, but there can be discrepancies for riders who have one massively dominant leg.

Best for ...

Those who cycle regularly and want to take their performance to the next level – without having to re-mortgage their house to pay for it.

Avoid if ...

You don't know your watts from what. Ignorance is bliss.

Score: 9/10.

Stages Cycling Power Meter, £384.89 (sigmasport.co.uk)