If you are looking for a deliciously creamy pudding that is simple and quick to make, our Mead and Lemon Syllabub recipe is the perfect answer.

The sweet honey taste of our traditional mead, combined with lemon zest and whipped cream is irresistible. A dinner party favourite for sure!

Demijohn is a European-style liquid deli, which conjures up all sorts of ideas of shelves awash with interesting potions, and in many ways that’s exactly what Demijohn is.

It sources and sells artisan spirits, liqueurs, oils, vinegars and whiskies, which are predominantly made in the UK by small producers.

Demijohn’s products are unusual, varied and always delicious.

From Scotland comes spirits such as Rhubarb Vodka, Raspberry Vodka, Gooseberry Gin, Chocolate Rum and all sorts of delicious fruit vinegars, such as Elderflower Vinegar and Bramble Vinegar.

Demijohn also stocks a good array of limited case single malt whiskies and wonderful olive and rapeseed oils.

Created by foodie Angus Ferguson in 2004, Demijohn is more than a deli – it is a whole new concept of selling.

The staff are all knowledgeable about the products and passionate about their provenance, even to the extent the shops are closed on certain days, so the staff can pick elderflowers or sloes from the hedgerows to ensure plentiful supplies of the raw ingredients.

Angus has thrown the idea of a deli on its head and has nothing but large glass containers, known as demijohns, lining the wooden shelves all containing the most delicious, quirky liquids.

Customers are encouraged to taste before buying and then choose the size of re-usable bottle into which the liquid is poured, while a personalised message can be added for free and then nicely gift wrapped.

For more information visit: www.demijohn.co.uk

Serves 4


1 lemon, zest and juice

100ml traditional mead, 14% ABV

75g caster sugar

300ml pouring double cream


1 Gently simmer the lemon zest and juice, mead and sugar in a pan to dissolve the sugar and release the oils from the lemon.

2 Remove from heat and strain the syrup into a cool bowl.

3 Next, add the double cream. Whisk the mixture until thick and spoon into a champagne coupe glass.

4 Place in the fridge and chill for about an hour.

5 Garnish with a twist of lemon peel.