Coal Roasted Peaches with Honey and Créme Fraiche by Chop House in Edinburgh

We don’t have a ‘philosophy’ when it comes to cooking, but we know what we like. Great quality ingredients, cooked simply and well, enjoyed in good company.

We cook the very best British beef over open-flames on our custom designed charcoal grill. The rest is up to you – with a selection of tasty starters, moreish sides and naughty desserts your visit to the Chop House should be a real treat.

Each week at the Chop House we host various events and offers where you can enjoy the ‘Best of British’ steak with sides, your own wine, complimentary cocktails and more. Take a look at our events by visiting our website

Here is a great dessert from the Chop House menu.


1.5 peaches, halved and de-stoned

10 crushed, unsalted cashew nuts (dry roasted in a pan), reserve some for garnish

50g créme fraiche 

1 tsp lemon zest

Juice of half a lemon 

10g caster sugar

1 tbsp blossom honey 

15ml calvados 


1. Char the halved peaches over coal for one minute either side. This can also be done under a grill.

2. Add the peaches to a hot pan with the calvados, honey and nuts. Turn regularly to ensure they are evenly coated and heated through.

4. Squeeze lemon juice over the mix and stir.

5. Arrange the peach segments on a plate. Mix the créme fraiche with the sugar and zest before lightly spooning over the peaches.

6. Deglaze pan with a splash of water and pour pan juices and crushed nuts over the dessert.

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