The Scottish First Minister has earned herself a new legion of fans after taking the leap and breaking out into an awkward dance with a group of young people in Dumfries.

Nicola Sturgeon was in the town on Monday where she helped to launch the global-first initiative, Year of Young People, a major programme of events and activities to celebrate Scotland’s youth in 2018.

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With Pharrell Williams’ Happy blaring in the background - against a backdrop of disco lights - the leader of Scotland joined a local youth group to be taken through a health and wellbeing drama class.

Staying in one spot, an uncomfortable-looking Ms Sturgeon swayed slightly from side to side before firing a side glance at the camera.

Year of the Young People posted the short clip on Twitter, captioning it: “Strictly Come Dancing - Year of Young People special!”

Being a good sport, however, Ms Sturgeon poked fun at herself.

Retweeting the clip, she said: “Ever wondered what the female equivalent of ‘dad dancing’ looks like? Now you know!”

The clip gathered much praise from other users of the site, having amassed just over 3,000 reactions in almost 24 hours.

One user said, “Brilliant. Well done you for being able to laugh at yourself,” while another added, “Good on you, nothing wrong with a wee sway side to side.”

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Another wrote: “Oh Nicola. I love you. You’re everything modern politics needs; progressive, advancing social organisation, economic development, science and technology and, now, the art of dance, all vital to the improvement of the human condition.”

While at the launch, Ms Sturgeon described the project as an opportunity to shine a light on “the fantastic contribution” young people make to life in Scotland.

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She added: “The Year of Young People will give young people a new platform and new opportunities for their voices to be heard in all parts of our society and hopefully help to foster a better understanding, cooperation, and respect between generations.

“The talents of our young people span the length and breadth of the country; evident in the great programme they have helped to put together. I want to thank all of the partners involved in supporting this initiative, who have helped to put together what I am sure will be a wonderful celebration of young people in 2018.”

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