Struck a chord

MORE on audience reactions as Anne Smith tells us: “I attended

a performance by Italian pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi at Glasgow Concert Hall. At the end

the audience got to its feet, cheering and clapping for an amazing performance. A young man at the end of our row got carried away and shouted in true Glasgow fashion, ‘Gon yersel ya mad b*****d!’”

Got his number

OUR mention of television fashion presenter Gok Wan reminds David Corstorphine in Cellardyke: “There’s a hairdresser based in North East Fife who, because of his dark features, spiky black hair and thick black rimmed specs, is known as ‘Gok Twa’.”

Very slick

WE close the book on our school jotter stories with Lachlan Bradley telling us: “While teaching in Greenock in the late 1970s I came across a jotter with emblazoned across the front, the name of the owner’s favourite punk performer, ‘Sid Viscous’. Thick and sticky?

Sid would have approved.”

Icy response

YES, excitement growing for the curling at the Olympics just now. It reminds Russell Duncan: “Some years ago a group of Arran licensees visited the Magnum Centre in

Irvine for the licensing court. Afterwards,with time to kill before the return ferry, a first try at curling seemed like a good idea. All was going well until one of our party misdirected a stone that unfortunately careered into the

next lane, where the final end of an important match between Fenwick and Kilmaurs Ladies was reaching its exciting climax, sending the counting stones in all directions. A hasty retreat to Ardrossan followed.”

He was stuffed

BEAUTIFUL Valentine’s poem by Jim C Wilson in The Herald yesterday as Poem Of The Day. Jim described the unexpected difficulties of poem writing the other day when he explained in his blog: “Last week

I submitted a poem to Orbis magazine. The editor said, politely, that she wouldn’t publish a poem with the line, ‘The golliwog loves to laze in his cot.’ After some exchanges, I offered, ‘The teddy bear loves to laze in his cot.’ Accepted! But have I been a victim of the dreaded Political Correctness? (It is the weird couple in the poem who choose to have a golliwog in a cot.)”

Never too old

GROWING old continued. A Hillhead reader explains to us:

“The stages of getting old are:

1) Shocked to see that some famous person is younger than you.

2) Not surprised any more because they are all younger.”

Chin up

WE mentioned celebs fighting back on social media. Today we commend actress Helen George who plays the perky Trixie Franklin in the feel-good TV drama Call The Midwife. When

a viewer commented on social media that she had put on weight and should go on a diet, Helen herself replied: “Sorry if my chins offended you. I chose to feed my baby healthily and not starve myself in a selfish act to look good on TV. Would you say this to a pregnant lady’s face? You should look on pregnant ladies’ multiple chins with love, they are busy making the future, x.”

Giving a toss

TODAY’S piece of daftness comes from Joe Heenan, who declared: “Pancake Day has become way too commercialised. When I was a kid we had to go into the forest and catch our own pancakes. Now kids can download their pancakes with an app. or something.”