SCOTTISH Labour leader has been urged to expel nine rebel councillors who have helped the Conservatives run one of Scotland’s biggest councils for exactly a year.

The nine were suspended after entering into a coalition with the Tories on Aberdeen City Council in defiance of a direct order from party HQ.

The group, which reached the deal after the local election, now sit as "Aberdeen Labour”.

They include former leader and now co-leader Jenny Laing.

Although Scottish Labour has previously warned they could face expulsion, it has never carried out the threat, and the suspension remains “under review”.

The SNP said that after backing a Tory budget that would impose £125m of cuts on local services, Labour should stop “dithering and dodging tough decisions” and kick them out.

Stephen Flynn, the leader of the SNP opposition in Aberdeen, said: “This has been a running sore for Labour - and now it's become a complete embarrassment. A whole year has passed since these disgraced councillors were suspended for propping up the Tories.

“Labour need to make a final decision. Will they sack or back councillors who are wedded to austerity and intent on cutting local services and hundreds of jobs?

"Aberdonians should be granted an opportunity to elect candidates who will stand by the values on which they were elected.”

A Scottish Labour spokesperson said: “The Aberdeen group has committed to make further progress to deliver policies that will benefit the people of Aberdeen. The Scottish Executive will keep their suspension under review during this process.”