EDINBURGH drivers are responsible the highest proportion of claims for parking accidents in the UK, it has been revealed.

Topping the list of cities where the highest proportion of drivers make a claim for a parking accident and being the city with the second highest volume of PCNs issued per 100 cars makes Edinburgh the 'King of Problematic Parking', according to insurers Admiral.

Ranking second on the list is York followed by Aberdeen

The Scottish capital issued 200,812 parking fines in 2017 with research showing drivers in Brighton & Hove, London and Edinburgh are the most likely to get a parking ticket

At the other end of the scale, with less than half the volume of Edinburgh, drivers in Bradford made the lowest proportion of parking claims, with just six per cent of claims relating to parking prangs.

Based on analysis of its own car insurance claims, Admiral revealed that 13.2 per cent of all claims in Edinburgh were for parking incidents – the highest in the UK.

Around 12.9 per cent of all claims in Aberdeen relating to parking bumps.

Commenting on the findings, Sabine Williams, head of motor at Admiral, said: “Parking prangs are common car insurance claims accounting for one in ten claims we deal with.

“We’re still a long way from self-parking vehicles and while things like parking sensors can assist with manouvering tight spaces and can reduce the risk of bumping into something as you park, they certainly aren’t fail safe and they aren’t in every vehicle.

“Our advice to all drivers to avoid both PCNs and parking accidents is to try and plan where you will park in advance and to take your time when maneuvering into and out of parking spaces, especially in older car parks where the bays can be a tight fit for modern vehicles.”

“Parking is a set maneuver on the driving test so all drivers should know how to park correctly, and safely but our advice to drivers to avoid getting into trouble when parking is to simply take their time.”