The leader of the Orange Order in Scotland has slammed the "silly fuss" over Arlene Foster addressing a parade.

The Scottish Grand Master Jim McHarg was speaking during an address to the July 12 parade in Belfast on Thursday.

Ms Foster was the main speaker at the parade in Fife on June 30.

A number of Scottish politicians questioned the DUP leader's recent attendance at the event in Cowdenbeath.

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The SNP questioned the move, while Labour and the Liberal Democrats in Scotland said Mrs Foster's time would be better spent in Northern Ireland working towards restoring the collapsed devolved government.

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But Mr McHarg said Mrs Foster received a "rapturous response".

"No doubt you will have heard about the silly fuss made over the attendance of Arlene Foster at the Cowdenbeath parade," he said.

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"In fact, she was the principal speaker, something that seemed to annoy several of our Scottish politicians.

"I'm afraid that some of their comments only confirmed what we already knew - too many of them are ignorant and prejudiced in their view of the Order.

"To hear them you'd think the Order in Scotland had never had an Ulster politician on an Orange platform before.

"Arlene Foster was very welcome in Scotland, and I'm pleased to tell you she received a rapturous reception."