Donald Trump has said Theresa May's plan for a softer Brexit will "probably kill" any chance of a trade agreement between the UK and US.

The American president told The Sun that the Prime Minister's current approach, which was thrashed out last week at Chequers, would "probably kill the deal" as it would mean the US "would be dealing with the European Union" instead of with the UK.

His remarks came after Mrs May pressed Mr Trump for a trade deal following his arrival in the UK for a four-day visit that has sparked widespread protests.

She used a lavish banquet at Blenheim Palace to tell him there was an “unprecedented” opportunity to do a deal that would boost jobs and growth in both countries.

The Prime Minister said: “As we prepare to leave the EU, we have an unprecedented opportunity to do more.

“It’s an opportunity to reach a free trade agreement that creates jobs and growth here in the UK and right across the United States. It’s also an opportunity to tear down the bureaucratic barriers that frustrate business leaders on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Her address at the Oxfordshire stately home followed a Brussels press conference where the US leader inflicted another blow on Mrs May by highlighting Cabinet divisions over Brexit.

Just before take-off, Mr Trump insisted Britons “like me a lot” and “agree with me on immigration”.

He described the UK as “hot spot right now with a lot of resignations” and dismissed the PM’s Chequers plan on the next stage of Brexit.

“I would say Brexit is Brexit,” he said. “The people voted to break it up so I would imagine that’s what they would do, but maybe they’re taking a different route – I don’t know if that is what they voted for.” He added that it seemed as if the UK was “getting at least partially involved back with the European Union”.

“I’d like to see them be able to work it out so it could go quickly,” he said.

The remarks came just days after the president declined to say whether Mrs May should remain in post.

He also said he had “always liked” Boris Johnson, who quit as foreign secretary over the Chequers plan, and described the UK as being in “turmoil”.

After spending the night at the US ambassador’s official residence in Regent’s Park, London, Mr Trump will join the PM at a military base on Friday to observe a joint counter-terrorism exercise involving UK and US special forces.

The two leaders will hold talks at the Prime Minister’s country residence of Chequers.

Mr Trump will then travel to Windsor Castle to meet the Queen before heading to Scotland.

It also emerged yesterday that charges against US adult film star Stormy Daniels had been dropped less than 24 hours after she was arrested in a strip club in Columbus, Ohio.

Ms Daniels was arrested for allegedly touching a patron in Sirens, the venue where she was performing.

Ms Daniels claimed previously that she had slept with President Trump in 2006, which he denies.