A BIKER died after being knocked off his machine by a road roller when a repair firm made critical errors in operating roadworks.

The team controlling the stretch of contraflow failed to use the safety equipment they had been supplied with and let traffic use the road.

Ian Bullions, 61, was knocked off his Harley Davidson as he and a friend returned from the Thunder In The Glen bikers event.

The contractors controlling traffic at the site had failed to follow rules which could have saved Mr Bullions.

Andrew Campbell reversed his road roller on to the open lane of the carriageway, unaware that he was about to crash into an oncoming motorbike.

Campbell, 37, admitted causing the death of Mr Bullions by driving carelessly and failing to ensure the road was clear when he reversed.

Contractors Goodfellow Environmental Maintenance Ltd admitted failing to maintain safe traffic arrangements, which led to the road roller colliding with Mr Bullions on the A93 Braemar to Blairgowrie road, near the Glenshee Ski Centre in Perthshire, on August 25 2014.

Perth Sheriff Court was told Goodfellow Environmental had been told by Perth and Kinross Council to operate two stop/go signs, with one at either

end of the partially closed carriageway.

But the workmen operated only a single sign and Campbell, who was not a properly qualified road roller driver, mistakenly thought the road was clear when he backed on to it.

Sheriff Lindsay Foulis deferred sentence on

Campbell for reports. The company will also learn its fate later.