An “obsessed” son has been jailed for sending poison pen letters

to his elderly mother and her boyfriend to try and split them up.

Joseph Carson, 58, sent letters and texts to his 80-year-old Jane Carson, her former boyfriend, Ronald Moreland, 77, and their friends and neighbours.

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He has now been jailed for eight months and banned from approaching or contacting his mother and Mr Moreland for the next five years.

At Paisley Sheriff Court, Carson admitted sending letters to his mother, the police and social work department.

He denied letters were of a threatening or abusive nature and said he sent them because he was worried about her.

After hearing that Carson had been assessed by a psychiatrist as having “delusions”, Sheriff Seith Ireland jailed him.

Mr Ireland said: “You have delusional beliefs your mother was at danger from Mr Moreland but she does not believe she was at any danger.

“Your beliefs are not based on any rational or, indeed, proper basis.

“But I do take the view that she requires protection from you.”