PUPILS in Scottish schools are expected to narrow down their subject choices too soon, an academic has warned.

Dr Liberty Vittert, a lecturer in statistics from Glasgow University, believes teenagers rarely know what they want to do for a career.

She said: “In school they have to choose the Highers that will determine what they will do in later life. That is crazy.

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“Who knows what they want to do when they are 17? I’m a strong proponent of changing the system.”

Ms Vittert, who also has her own television cookery show, also called for improvements to the way mathematics is taught.

She said: “We teach kids to read in a hundred different ways. If you can’t figure it out one way, someone teaches you a different way.

“That doesn’t happen with maths. I believe everyone can learn maths. They just have to be taught in a way that works for them.

“[At university] the onus is on me to find a way to help them learn. A lot of academics think they are paid to do research, which is true to an extent, but I am paid to teach.”