One of Britain’s youngest graduates has earned a first class honours degree in maths – at the age of just 13.

Wang Pok Lo studied in his free time for the Open University course and is already working towards his Masters degree.

The child prodigy was doing sums when he was two years old and passed his Advanced Higher Maths exams when he was only 11.

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A pupil at Queensferry High School, in South Queensferry near Edinburgh, he will now take on a part-time MSc in statistics with medical applications at Sheffield University.

The teenager, who is known as Pok, said: “I was really happy, even getting 100 per cent on one of the modules.

“I do enjoy doing maths but it is getting very challenging."

Cara Prot, curriculum leader for maths at Queensferry High, described the star pupil as an inspiration.

She said: “It has been absolutely tremendous to have Pok with us over the last few years.

“His natural flair for maths is inspiring and we have thoroughly enjoyed supporting him throughout his studies.”

Pok showed exceptional memory skills from a young age and has been capable of carrying out addition, multiplication and division tasks since the age of around two.

He moved to Scotland from Hong Kong in 2006 and as a pupil at Towerbank Primary, Edinburgh, he completed the entire pre-Higher maths curriculum by the age of eight.

He went on to achieve Advanced Highers in statistics and mechanics.

He skipped primary seven and went straight to S1 at Queensferry High School, starting his Open University studies at the same time.

He will now study a Masters module in maths from the Open University in addition to a Masters module in statistics with medical applications at Sheffield University.

As he begins to study his Masters, he will also be studying his National 5s in English, maths, chemistry, biology, physics, design and manufacturing and French.

He said: "I first went into a high school to study Higher Maths when I was 10.

"The other students were really great with me though they did initially think that I had gone into the wrong school, never mind the wrong classroom.

"I don't think they expected someone so small to be so correct so often.

"The sciences interest me the most - physics in particular. A lot of the skills in physics are similar to the level of maths I do which I think gives me a good advantage.

"I like maths because it always gives me something to think about and whenever I solve a problem it is very satisfying."