MINISTERS are facing calls to “reset” Scotland’s curriculum.

The Scottish Conservatives said Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) was not working well enough to deliver on its aims and should be reformed.

The party has published a paper setting out five recommendations for improvement following consultation with teachers, experts and parents.

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The Tories want to see greater clarity, accountability and measurement in the system, a reduction in “excessive” guidance and paperwork for teachers and new routes into the sector to address teacher shortages.

Education spokeswoman Liz Smith also called for reform of Scotland’s education agencies and for greater autonomy for headteachers to take decisions about their schools.

She said: “There was general agreement that the principles which underpin CfE are sound because there is widespread agreement that pupils should understand why they are learning just as much as what they are learning.

“There was also general agreement, however, that the implementation of CfE has been fraught with problems which, in turn, have undermined its effective delivery in the classroom.”

The Scottish Government said CfE provided pupils with a well-rounded education.