PARENTS fighting to save their Catholic primary school from closure have appealed to the Church for help.

The move comes as West Dunbartonshire Council holds informal meetings with parents about the future of three primary schools.

Campaigners say officials told them St Martin’s Primary School in Renton could be merged with St Mary’s Primary in Alexandria as part of plans for a "regeneration" of the school estate.

Drew MacEoghainn, whose children attend St Martin’s, called for the Catholic Church to help safeguard the schools' future.

He said: "There’s a chance that because of the distance to St Mary’s a lot of the parents will send their kids to Renton Primary instead, which means that up to 30 pupils will be lost from Catholic education.

“If the Catholic Church in Scotland flex their muscles we will have St Martin’s for another 118 years. What we are fighting currently is the eradication of more than a century of Catholic education in our village.”

West Dunbartonshire Community Party councillor Jim Bollan said the council has not given any reason for the plans.

He said: "To lose St Martin’s would be a major blow for Renton and I think that, coupled with other closures such as the library, it will have an effect on what people think of living there."

A council spokeswoman said: “Informal meetings are being held this week with St Martin’s, St Mary’s and Renton primary school parent councils to provide advance notice of a proposal to consult with parents and carers on the regeneration of the Alexandria schools estate.

“It will be for the education committee to decide whether to take the consultation forward when it meets in March.”