SCOTLAND’S largest health board is employing an army of robot pharmacists to speed up the dispensing process, improve the patient experience and reduce costs.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde says its “techno team” frees up staff to spend more time with patients and has delivered drug dispensing efficiencies worth £5 million.

Its impact spans hospitals and health care facilities, while a new high tech hub in a secure modern business park in the south side of Glasgow has replaced 14 separate pharmacy stores.

The centre’s robotic arms

“silently and swiftly go about their business” obeying electronically

ordered medicine supplies from wards and clinics across the health board.

One of the largest centres of its kind in Europe, it now handles 100,000 packs of medicines to 4,000 destination points every week, placing Glasgow at the forefront in robotic pharmacy.

Norman Lannigan, Head of the Pharmacy and Prescribing Support Unit, NHSGGC,

who has been involved with the project since its inception, said he is

delighted at the benefits it has delivered.

He said: “The scale of the operation within the Pharmacy Distribution

Centre is unique within the NHS."