A COUNCIL has unveiled plans for a hydro-electric “Archimedes Screw” in the River Ness to generate green energy that could be used to power local attractions.

The 100KW turbine will control the water flow from the river through to Whin Park and will generate 672,529 KWh, which is equivalent to the power for 150 homes.

It is estimated that the renewable energy project will generate an income for the local authority of around £90,000 to £120,000 at current prices.

The electricity could also be used to supply council buildings, and local venues including the Aquadome.

Councillor Allan Henderson, chairman of Highland Council's places committee, said: “The Archimedes Screw is a fascinating piece of engineering and technology which in itself should be a feature of significant interest and may hopefully inspire young scientists of tomorrow.”

The river feeds Loch Ness – home of legendary Nessie.