EMMANUEL Macron has seen his ratings plummet less than three months after he rocked the French political world by claiming the presidency.

France’s energetic and image-conscious President has seen his popularity drop after announcing budget cuts, launching divisive labour reform and engaging in a damaging dispute with the military.

A series of polls show the percentage of French citizens who trust their young leader to deal with France’s problems plunging.

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The reversal might not affect his international profile, but it could hurt Mr Macron’s ability to secure his domestic agenda.

France’s Ifop agency said: “Apart from Jacques Chirac in July 1995, a newly elected president has never seen his popularity rate falling as quickly during the summer after the election.”

Four polls in the past week showed Mr Macron’s support down sharply.

His declining approval is striking, given he was being credited two months ago with giving France a boost of much-needed confidence after years of security fears and economic stagnation.

Increasingly, he instead is portrayed as power-hungry and inexperienced.