Ted Cruz is the name on everybody’s lips after an unfortunate incident presumably left him red-faced.

The Texas senator’s official Twitter account was caught liking a porn video posted by @SexuallPosts – and the reaction has been something else.

The two-minute video was unliked quickly but not before screenshots were taken and the former presidential candidate started trending.

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It’s not clear whether Cruz himself or a staff member liked the account, or if it was the result of a hack.

The senator’s spokesperson put out a statement that didn’t confirm whether Cruz or someone else had liked the tweet, while also making the mistake of saying it was posted to the senator’s page.

It’s not the first interaction Cruz has had publicly with porn.

During the 46-year-old’s presidential campaign his team pulled a Marco Rubio attack ad after realising the actress they’d hired, Amy Lindsay, had appeared in softcore porn films.

Cruz also proved controversial in 2007 when, as Texas solicitor general, he helped write a 76-page document defending the state’s ban on the sale of sex toys, or “obscene devices”, as he called them, an offence which at the time carried a punishment of two years in jail.