Damien Love can be quite funny (Last week's TV highlights, Sunday Herald Life, March 12). However, he should perhaps leave talking about food to people who know their subject, like Shirley Spear or Joanna Blythman ... or even Mary Berry, who has obviously learned to get Bolognese sauce right in these past two decades.

Ada Boni's Italian Regional Cooking, a USA published English translation of the Italian original, shows that Bolognese sauce should indeed contain minced pork, white wine and cream. Damien Love might also want to check out Giorgio Locatelli's visit to Bologna on one of his many TV appearances.

Fried beef mince made browner with red wine then dyed neon red with a tinload of tomatoes, served with a Neapolitan pasta shape? Now that's what I'd call Brexit pasta.

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Andrew McCracken

Grantown on Spey