YOU report that Glasgow University rectorial candidate Milo Yiannopolous has called for a ban on the university's Muslim group, claiming that, in doing so, he is "protecting" LGBTQ people (“Activist calls for Muslim group ban”, The Herald, March 16).

The LGBTI community can do without Mr Yiannopoulos's "protection". This is a man who, a few years ago, campaigned to try to block equal marriage in Britain, and has followed that by a campaign of transphobia that has included misusing an invitation to speak at a US university to out and publicly abuse a trans student in the audience.

Mr Yiannopoulos's Islamophobia is completely unacceptable, and is very much contrary to Scotland's inclusive values. There are several respected and credible candidates in the rectorial election – one, incidentally, a Muslim man who is very active in public support of LGBTI equality. The Equality Network looks forward to the election of one of those candidates, because we're sure that the values of respect for equality and diversity are shared by the large majority of Glasgow University's students.

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Tim Hopkins,

Equality Network,

30 Bernard Street, Edinburgh.