I WOULD agree with Gilbert MacKay (Letters, March 17) that there is perhaps, too much in the way of political content within the Letters Pages and that more trivia would be welcomed. As far as the postcode glitch is concerned, as a baby boomer and a boring old so-and-so it really annoys me that living in East Dunbartonshire, I receive mail addressed as "Lanarkshire."

Derek Petrie,

15 Cairns Drive, Milngavie.

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CALLS for more trivia on the Letters Pages? There is more than enough of that in social media. Long live serious, moderated letters pages and an independent press in these times of the new “populism” and the increasing disengagement in politics by the majority of the population. Trivia is for the Diary page.

John Dunlop,

9 Birnam Crescent, Glasgow.