I NOTE the correspondence on the forthcoming centenary of the Royal House’s name change to Windsor (Letters, April 17 & 18). It is said that when the Kaiser heard this news he exclaimed: “Ha! I look forward to seeing that great Shakespeare play The Merry Wives of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha”.

The King, his cousin, probably also thought the swop opportune since by that time America had entered the war and therefore the eventual outcome inevitable.

Leslie Smith,

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18 Coburg Street, Leith.

I READ Brian D Henderson’s letter (April 18), with interest and amusement.

In 2013 I bought a dark blue Lexus car; while in the Holyrood car park one day , it was admired by a passerby. He asked me what the colour was and looked nonplussed when I said “Saxe Coburg Gotha blue”, so I added: “Nowadays for practicality it’s known as Windsor blue”.

Isn’t royalty wonderful?

Jim Lynch,

42 Corstorphine Hill Crescent, Edinburgh.

I WAS reminded by Iain AD Mann's letter (April 17) that Kaiser Wilhelm II’s wicked sense of humour was employed very effectively against Britain’s notoriously dim and humourless George V.

He pretty much ended poor George’s love of racing in the tea magnet Lipton’s famous yacht by asking one day at Cowes if the King was again “out sailing again with his grocer”.

Rev Dr John Cameron,

10 Howard Place, St Andrews.