I WOULD have to agree with most of what Stuart Bathgate writes about the selection of the players for the Lions tour, but it is extremely disappointing to see only two Scots selected out of 41 players (“Gatland has poor Scots record, says McLauchlan”, Herald Sport, April 20). Two teams we beat in the Six Nations (one very convincingly) have six times more players on the bus. That cannot be fair.

Mind you, David Cameron asserted Lions tours would be something Scotland would lose if we voted for independence, but wrongly: look at Ireland. Perhaps the selectors believed Mr Cameron and think we are on our way out.

One thing Mr Bathgate pointed to was a loss of form for some players. I think it more likely to be physical exhaustion. Scotland expects the same small group of players to play week in, week out at Pro 12, then European, then internationals at the same high level. It’s such a physical game that bodies need a break at times; Scotland simply needs more good players, that is the bottom line.

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