Yet another tech business with plans for a sharp growth trajectory. It is easy to get complacent such is the frequency with which Scotland’s abundant tech companies make bold claims of expansion.

But speaking to Waracle’s David Romilly, it becomes quickly clear that this is a business which has hit the right market at precisely the right time.

Last month the iPhone turned ten. While touchscreen technology is now standard on billions of screens, it is arguably the creation of the app store that has made the biggest impression.

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And as big business realises that mobile apps – along with emerging technologies like voice control and mobile health – are critical to their own future, full-service houses like Waracle are placed to benefit.

Mr Romilly says the company wants to be “an architect, not a builder” and so by taking over the entire mobile app development pipeline for financial institutions, for example, the business is in a strong position to build long-term relationships with its clients as it helps them remain relevant in a world where technology is evolving at breakneck speed.

Waracle’s strategy has not been to shout louder than anyone else about how fantastic it is, but to quietly recruit top talent – bringing on board numerous staff from JP Morgan’s technology centre in the process.

Backed by majority owner Exception, and already operating on a global scale, and revenue about to surge past £8 million, Waracle is emerging as another Scottish tech company to watch.